Tragedy in the Cougar Community

West Coast Classic Cougar is asking for your thoughts and prayers for Don Rush and his family. There has been a terrible tragedy in a boating accident.

That is horrible - please relay more information as it becomes available.

  • Phillip

Thoughts/Prayers to the family.

Thoughts & prayers as well!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Don and his family.
Seen this story on the news. No further updates at this time.

Do you have a link to the news story?

Here is one from a local station. Please respect Don and his family

With respect to the families, here is a synopsis. One of Don’s sons was very seriously injured in a boating accident. Another young man, a friend of the family, was also injured but less seriously.

For those on Facebook Don has posted pictures and comments.

News no parent ever wants to hear. God be with Don and family.

Very sad news. Our Prayers will go out to Don’s family and friends. May God’s Grace & Strength be with them.

So sad. Don and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh man, that stinks! I saw the news article in my feed this morning >.<

Thinking healing thoughts. Hope his son makes a swift recovery.

Very sorry to hear this news. I sincerely hope for a full speedy recovery.

This is just horrible. Don and I had a long phone conversation yesterday morning and we were talking about his family and future and the pride he has for his kids. To hear this today is devastating.

No words can express the surprise and concern for the family and those involved in this accident.

In our thoughts and prayers. Please someone from the area keep us informed without disturbing the family

Thank you to all who are praying and thinking of the Rush family. Don’s son is on life support and is surrounded by family and friends. As Don posted on Facebook they are supporting Alex’s decision to be an organ and tissue donor and will be by his side until he crosses to his heavenly home. Please continue to pray for them. Don and his family appreciate this community and all your prayers.

Oh my, this is such a terrible tragedy, especially after so many happy Rush family developments over the past few weeks. It may not be possible, but I’m wishing for a full recovery for all.

KGW, a local news station, posted a video and article with a little more detail about what happened: Two hit by boat while tubing on Willamette River in Newberg |

To be honest, I am still in a bit of shock and still trying to process this. I started working for Don doing free-lance computer repair work back when Alek was only 4 or 5 years old.

My heart goes out to Don, Renee and their family.

Right after we found out about Alek, my wife showed me a quote that seems appropriate for Alek:

It is not how many years you have in your life, but how much life you have in your years.

Both Elaine and I want to add our thoughts and prayers to Don and the family. Our words are short but the care is there.