Transmission questions??

I have the basic stock C4 Automatic transmission.
Since I am up on the Jack stands having completed redoing all my front suspension and steering work I thought I should consider the transmission.
I have never worked with it on one before.
I started by dropping the pan and emptying all the fluid. I have a new pan as my old one was dented.
Also bought a new filter to put in.

My question is what else should I be looking at it doing?

Why is the bellhousing so dirty from oil? And the top area of the trans box? Is this just normal for a 53 year old Cougar?

Also, forgot to mention I pulled both lines out and have new ones in but not hooked up yet as I am waiting on new brass connectors.

Much thanks!

I’d be worried if it was clean. :smiley:

Meaning the dirty bell housing?
Where does all the oil come from anyway?
I wanna clean it as I have cleaned everything else.
I am afraid to drop it down and not be able to get it back in! But that would be the only real way to clean it up.

you could take the opportunity to replace the rear seal, if you drop it then certainly replace the front seal.

If the top of the trans is oily then probably a leaking rocker cover gaskets and/ or intake manifold .

Dropping the transmission pan will tell you if it needs a rebuild. If the pan is full of mud, it’s actually the band and clutch material. If the fluid is just burnt and there is relatively little mud then a fluid and filter change is all you need.

Cleaning the outside won’t make it work any better but it will look nice.

If I drop the pan, I always install a drain plug if it doesn’t have one. Much cleaner if the pan has to come off again.

Change the modulator. Give the adjusting screw one turn clockwise for a crisper 2-3 shift.

Thanks for you reply.
I did change covers and gaskets
So hopefully less moving forward!

Royce, thanks always for your insight.
There was relatively little “mud” or sign of metal in the cover of filter. The fluid was actually still redish with not a lot of real dark color so I think I will say it’s still good for now till I have a chance to drive it.
You are right about the cleaning. I am just a little on the anal side and like to clean everything I work on now while I am under there! But will have to settle on only what I can access without dropping it.

Agreed. I actually purchased a new pan that has one built in. Don’t want to have to go through that mess again.

Thanks for mentioning that. I had planned to change that out but forgot to add it on my last order.
Is that the large squared bolt on the same side by the modulator?
It doesn’t look like it has ever been touched before.
Thanks for that add too!
I did also order a new steel line that connects there and up to the engine but haven’t put that in yet.

While I am under there I realize I need to drop my drive shaft to clean the rust and paint it.
I don’t know how to do that.
Any words on where I start?

I pulled my C4 along with an engine swap this past winter. While it was out I did a rebuild of the trans and valve body , shift kit, and painted it as it was filthy as you mentioned.
I never worked on a transmission before but the C4 is quite simple to work on. Some good info online. When the time comes don’t be afraid to tackle it. You will save a ton of cabbage doing it yourself.
I would do a band adjustment while you are right there. Very easy to do.
They also make deeper pans for more fluid which have a built in drain plug reasonably priced. Summit brand is nice. Just a thought.

There are 2 small U bolts going around the rear U joint to hold the driveshaft to the rear pumpkin. You will need a 1/2" wrench to remove the 4 nuts that hold the 2 U bolts in place. Remove the 2 U bolts and then the rear U joint will separate from the pumpkin. Use a little care when prying the U joint away from the pumpkin or you may find yourself playing 52 needle bearing pickup. Once the rear U joint is away from the pumpkin all you nned to do is to pull the driveshaft out of the transmission. One word of advice here would be to purchase a transmission plug to put into the back of the transmission to replace the driveshaft until you are ready to return the driveshaft. Without the plug you will probably find a large puddle of transmission fluid on your floor.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Mark, thanks for the encouraging words!
Great job, it looks awesome!
That’s what if talking about.

Randy, thanks for the helpful tips.
Would it make sense to just replace the u joint bearings or not if there isn’t an issue now?
I had heard about this plug but wasn’t sure.
So when I pull the shaft out does that have to go in right away or is it a slow leak over time? I
Anything on that end of the drive line I need to service? Or end of the trans? I noticed a rubber bushing or collar at that joint. And is the shaft heavy or can one guy hold it ok? What color was it originally?

Much thanks,

Most of the “stuff” on trans is from leaking PS and road dirt.

Ok, in think i should be grateful as mine does not look half as bad as this one! that looks like it came from the bottom of a lake.
inwill cout my blessings but i am still trying to get big enough balls to pull mine.

Actually a 72 Comet GT. Just had to clean it up.