Under Dash Wiring Questions?

My mistake - I mislabeled the (50) wire color. As you noted, it should be green/white. I’ve corrected the post above.

You are right about the same color being used elsewhere:
(3) is from the turn signal switch - left control signal
(448) feeds the left front bulb
(475) is the switched stop light power feeding the trunk
Since (475) is a 14 ga wire, it is easy to distinguish.
However, on my December 1967 built 1968, the white stripe was dyed. It flaked off or deteriorated such that it appears to be solid green in the trunk.

No worries. Glad we are agreed on the White/Green & White wires and that they need a new pin. Now the question is which hole to I put them in? The diagram say the middle but on the female side of the connector there is no wire ( not sure if that matters and why I had X’d it out). The hole also doesn’t seem to have a metal sleeve.
See new photos.

The other empty hole on the male side lines up with a Green wire on the female side.
So not sure why there is no Green/White wire in the middle hole so I have a small kunundrum here I am hoping you can assist me with again.
Center hole or Left hole??

Much Thanks

It appears that the female green/white pin is missing from the center location of the turn signal switch connector. It should be on the end of the (3) wire coming down the steering column with the rest of the turn signal switch wires.

I get that but there is no wire on the female connection side hanging down unconnected from the steering wheel. (I will check again)
That was why I asked about which hole to use.
Hope that makes sense.

This wire should be in the bundle coming out of the steering column. You may have to remove the steering wheel to inspect the switch to discover why it is missing. It is on the bottom side of the switch.

OK, will do. I just haven’t got that deep yet. I have to look up how to remove all that from the steering column without screwing anything up to do it.
I appreciate the photo too! That makes sense but it is still a mystery to me at this point. :slight_smile:

I am going hunting in a few days so might have to wait till I get back.

This may be a dumb question but how do disconnect the emergency push button on the side of the column? I tried to unscrew it. I didn’t want to pull too hard and break. I see how the bezel comes out. Mine is non tilt 68.

Also had a couple of other things I need to identify that I am having a problem finding on the diagrams I have.
I want to upgrade to the solid state clicker.

Thanks Again!

That’s the Low Fuel Relay. The unused connector is for the rear window Defog switch.

A Non-tilt emergency button cannot be removed from the switch.

Perfect, thanks Royce!

But, if I want to inspect it or fix something i have to break it off?
That seems silly. Or is there a way to pull the switch out without breaking it?

After removing the steering wheel, unscrew the turn signal lever, remove the 3 mounting screws. Then push the turn signal wire bundle up the column to provide slack and lift the switch straight up. The emergency button and bezel will pull straight up out of the slot on a non-tilt column. On a tilt, the bezel pops out.
To get the switch out completely, you must remove the pins from the connector. This requires a special tool to release the tang on the side of the each pin. You can make one as shown in the shop manual or use a Lisle 14900.

I have a tool made by Daniels Corp that removes those - but I actually find that 8" of properly sized brass tubing is even better. I got an assortment of brass tubing at a garage sale for $5. It’s been pretty handy.

Lisle 14900. Ugh. Doesn’t work all that well.
Male pins can be removed with an empty Bic pen shell!

My tool is home-made. I use a jeweler’s flat head screwdriver, and grind down one side even with the flat edge. It has enough leverage to move male pins and is perfect for female pins.

OK, so my take away here is yes the emergency button will come out. I had already taken the 3 screws out but wasn’t sure how hard to pull but now see the reason to create some slack. I have a square metal holder for the wires on the underside of the steering wheel. Does that come off? How?
I will have to look into that special tool I guess too.
Are these pins visible or on the back side?
More to this than I initially thought.
I was out hunting and just returned so my reply was delayed. :slight_smile:

Can you share what that looks like Royce or where to get it?

To avoid buying the entire Daniels kit you can purchase the individual Molex connector tool. They are all over Amazon and eBay.


Or you can buy a piece of brass tubing but that might cost more than the tool. Mine came from a garage sale but places like Grainger and McMaster Carr sell it.

Royce, thanks for that pic. I am just not familiar with the tool to know what brass or copper to buy. I am all for garage sales and am a frequent tool buyer from them so totally agree on that.