Upgraded to a Cold Case Radiator

Just got through installing the 24" Big Block Cold Case Radiator. Overall it should be a great improvement to my ride. I didn’t have an overheating issue currently but the 55 year old 24" brass one has finally screwed the pooch.

I am having an issue in that the upper mounting bracket won’t fit over the new radiator that is thicker at the hold down points. My original upper bracket may fit if I deleted the rubber. I don’t want to do that and have metal rubbing on metal.

The Cold Case website and tech support list the below brackets and recommend I get one. Is there any chance that these have a wider hold down section compared to my original? It just doesn’t make sense that they would be different but “made to OEM Specs”.

1967 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C7ZZ-8A193- A
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C7ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C3AZ-8125-A

1968 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C7ZZ-8A193-A
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C8ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C8ZZ-8125-A

1969-1970 Radiator Brackets
Upper Bracket – C9ZZ-8A193-A
Upper Insulators – C7OZ-8124-A
Lower Brackets – C8ZZ-8052-A
Lower Insulators – C8ZZ-8125-A

Here’s a link to the website for the exact radiator I purchased.

67-70 Mustang Big Block 24" Auto Aluminum Performance Radiator | Cold Case Aluminum Performance Radiators (coldcaseradiators.com)

I have had this issue many times. The work around is simple just bend the rear most tabs out. I also bend the front mount to make the bracket push down. I can post a pic if wanted.

Please do Cougar Bill. I bent mine out slightly in order to finish out the season. Thought I might be missing something.

here,s a 70 I’m working on .

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What was wrong with the original FOMOCO radiator? What year is it? Im looking for an original 1967 automatic core for a restoration. Let me know. Thanks.

Mine is the original 1968 390 auto and had developed a leak. I am keeping the core and will have it restored eventually. The core value is shocking frankly. Good luck in your search and project!

Understand. Thanks. Let me know if you ever see a 67 at some point.

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