Urethane Motor Mounts in my 67

Hello! Curious if anyone has any experience or recommendations on urethane motor mounts in a 67 with a SBF. My 347 is together and nearly ready to install. I’m starting to get concerned that the combination of 450 HP & 450 TQ and the TKX 5 spd might be hard on the OE style rubber mounts.
I found the Prothane mounts but the reviews say that they will raise the engine in the car about an inch. Hood clearsnce is already an issue. This is one place I don’t need an extra inch.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks, Brian

I installed the Prothane mounts on my '69 with a 351 and I did notice the engine moved up about an inch. Take my completely difference application fwiw, but I would trust their warning.

On the NVH side of the equation, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between poly and stock.

We’re running a pretty similar power to weight ratio, so I can promise you’re going to have fun with an engine producing those numbers in your car!


Thanks for the reply Ken. I purchased the Energy Suspension mounts and will see how they compare to the OEM.

I will be firing up the beast tonight on the engine run stand.

Hope all goes well.

Definitely think the 347 & TKX are going to give the CalTracs a workout. :smiley:

The mounts that are currently available won’t fit 1967 frame stands with a 289 / 302 engine. You will need 1968 frame stands for a small block.

Just an update…

The Energy Suspension mounts work just fine in the 67.

It is necessary to bend the factory tab down out of the way in order for everything to seat properly.

It does pay to read the instructions though…found out the hard way after wrestling with the bolts for 30 minutes. :laughing:

Sorry a bit late in replying Ron Morris makes engine mounts that drop the car engine a 1/2 "

Do you happen to have the part number for the mount you used?

Here you go.


Thanks! I ordered a set.

Highly recommend Chris Alston engine mounts of the fixed variety for your horsepower level. Have them on mine supporting 600 hp plus