Useless Thread

First I just want to curse whoever started using the free smileys leading me to waste time looking through them. But on that note, this one is cool so I thought I would post it for all to see.

Now we need somebody to create one that’s driving a Cougar.

you too? hahaha

i don’t want to throw any bricks here… but…

Mr Eos (the devil made me do it!) got me going with his popcorn one…

Thats got to be one of if not the best smiley ive seen yet! Could it be an F14 TOMCAT :smoke:

Bundy, I am wondering how you are able to search the smileys files with one hand in your shorts and the other hand protecting you wallet from Peg!

And btw, yes! That’s a cool smiley! Where did you find that!?

Well the ability to score four touchdowns in a single game often translates into many other talents.

That smiley and others are available at

It’s hours of fun for the whole family!

Good lord…you need a new hobby…LMAO

No kidding!

And T3 was talking about ME being “off my meds”

My other “hobby” -


Yer killin’ me, Bundy.

What? I mean I collect Batman comics. What did you think I was talking about?

Oh…my bad…I thought you meant you pranced around dressed like craigsters brother in law…

(the duh-duh-duh-duuuuuuuh!!! was your theme music…LMAO )

No sorry T3. I know me dressing up for you is one of your fantasies, but I just won’t do it. Maybe if you had come and helped with the garage.

I think I just…

Nope, no thinking about it…I did…just throw up.

Hey, these are pretty fun…

You guys are screwed, now there’s TWO of us browsing the smileys…

Make that three!!!

That thing is the one thing I don’t miss from MCN Bob!!! LOL!!! Every time I see it I feel like breaking into the ‘Lumberjack Song’…

See guys. They’re like a crack pipe. Can’t seem to leave them alone!