Useless Thread

Just can’t beat a farting smiley!

Are you OK? Sleep at night? Work all day?

LOL!!! Just fine!! Thought you would never ask though
Picture, if you will, a small university campus theater that shows movies for the students at midnight on Fridays/Saturdays. Think about that. University campus…midnight…weekend night. Better yet, picture that theater filled with alcohol induced testosterone… The university is Northern Arizona University…the team mascot is the Lumberjack…the movie is And Now For Something Completely Different. This scene starts:

Now picture this same theater filled with these same folks, being proud of their mascot, the Lumberjack, singing along with this song…until the third verse…except for a few voices here and there still singing (don’t remember if I stopped or continued–memory a little cloudy
. Guys were looking at the ceiling, at the floor, etc. and girls/girlfriends were dying with laughter…The ‘staged’ scene with the Mounties happened in real time in real life… One of the funniest things I can remember from my ‘college’ days…

Of course that pic, the BIL, reminds me of another movie I saw for the first time in that same theater. After 3 16 oz glass mostly tequila with a little sunrises no less. (honestly the first time I was ever inebriated!) That movie?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show :eek2: Liked it so much used to go see it in Phoenix almost every weekend at midnight. Did not dress up though so don’t even go there! Loved the sound track and to this day still like listening to it and Meatloaf from time to time…

That there’s funny chit…“I don’t care who ya are…”

No dressing up Chuck? T3 dressed up when he took his wife to see Titanic!

LOL!!! Nah.not doin’ dress up. If I did it would be something like this:

Wish I could play the sax…

Yes, I’m quite dashing in the ole penguin suit…(that’d be a tuxedo, Al).

oooh… modest too :laughing:

Can’t help that, JB…it’s how I was raised…sigh

OR maybe


(you’re welcome for the set-up, Chuck!)

Thanks Man!! I owe you one! And with me, I’m sure it will be sooner than later…LOL!!!


No, Chuck…you say BOOOOOMER, first…THEN SOOOOONER!!!

Funny this is the pic that your wife sent me:

Doesn’t look like a tux to me. :gaptooth:

Dude, it’s Dairy Queen, not Fairy…and it was out for a milkshake, not a :beerchug:

Seriously, you keep posting pictures like that and Craigs BIL, people are gonna start wondering about you.

I’m pretty sure people should be wondering about me already. At least the normal ones.