Useless Thread

Now that is a funny smiley…

LOL!!! Every forum should have a useless thread… Good place to just chill, etc…
New rule proposition:
Anytime folks get stressed out and post in that mind frame (I am just as apt to as the next person) They need to be sent to the ‘Useless Thread’ and can’t post anywhere else until they reply (with quotes) to at least 2 posts within said thread…

Do I have a 2nd??



Sure you do, Al… You’re just aiming for TOP Posts… :laughing:

hmm, errr… meant biggest…


No, Chuck…you say BOOOOOMER, first…THEN SOOOOONER!!!
Yup, that guy, the hooligan.


Hey, ragcat? if you’re being punished… You forgot to quote … :laughing:

Not bein’ punished(yet), but fixed it anyway… An this quote makes 2, so the next time I do get punished… I’m already ahead!!!

LMAO, that’s awesome…

Damn I’ve been found out! I admit it, I’m a post whore. But when I’m on top -

… . . . . …

. . . . .

Ok, Al here is my shot at making a smiley driving a Cougar. You laid down the challange…so be kind. :laughing:

So…what do you think? :thumbup: or :thumbdown:


That’s freakin’ awesome. :beerchug: You should use that as your avatar.

Thanks Dawg and Al. I had fun making it and I will be using it as my avatar, time to change it up a little. :smiley:

I loved it too Steven! I made a special point of searching out the thread and watching it before I left for work this morning (making myself “extremely late” instead of the usual “late”), freesmileys is blocked from work as is wherever yours exists. Guess we need to be protected from smileys… :bloated:

To make matters worse, I watched both of Sal’s video’s again too! Good job Sal! Nice to start the day out with a chuckle!


Thanks Bob. Sorry I caused you to be late to work. :laughing: I drew the Cougar and smiley then made mutiple copies of the picture then changed each frame. After the pictures were done I loaded them one by one to to create the gif file. Fairly easy to do. I loaded the gif in my gallery. I will change the color of the Cougar and and size to make different gif’s and maybe they could be loaded in the smilieys here. I don’t know how that part works.

Ok! I figured it out or at least I think I did. What does Al do when he isn’t sitting at the computer looking for free smilies? He goes out to his new shop and smiles, while looking at his Cougar GT-E.

At least that the way I see it.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve been immortalized in a smiley!

Nope, that ain’t Al’s shop…it’s too COMPLETE!!! :poke: