WCCC attempts its first resto mod / 68 Convertible

I want to spruce up the engine compartment and interior of this car and am looking for ideas. TMI sells buckets and console but for the money they just do not do much for me. I am 6’4" and need something highbacked and low profile, any ideas? I am contemplating cutting a big oval hole in my hood to accommodate my air cleaner and a stainless dress up kit to hide the repaired aprons. I cannot look at that ugly radio another day, steering wheel looks terrible too! Anybody have a pair of grade 68 decor black door panels?


I’m 6’3” and long torso. I love the Recaro seats I put in my ‘69 convertible Don.

I too am long torso, do you have any pictures?

This is a 68? Where did the side lights go?

Here’s the one in my build thread. I’ll grab some more tonight.

This is an older style that feels and fits me well but isn’t quite the vibe I’m going for. On the other hand they’re not sear your skin shiny vinyl flatness either.

A lot of things are different and missing, starting with the roof!

Naturally. Wow. More like a 67 now. I understand why you are looking for door panels then. Somebody went through a lot of effort to get rid of the side lights. Are you returning the quarters and fenders back to 68 style?

The upholstery is all wrong but '69 Camaro high back bucket seats bolt up to the stock '67 - 68 Cougar seat tracks and feel very good. My guess is, like everything else for a '69 Camaro, you can buy reproductions anywhere for cheap.

Too bad Mercury did not have a convertible option for the 67 through 68 model years. It has quite an appeal in my opinion.

Just for grins I googled it - gulp!


From my experience is you are better off buying core original seat frames and upholstering them yourself as you come up with a better finished product than buying off shore.


No, not looking to do paint work and was never in love with 68 side markers. If it was original I would in a heartbeat. I wish it had 68 Cougar script emblems on the quarters but once drilled for 67 you are stuck. I have no idea why it got GT emblems but hopefully I have some 5.0 LITRE emblems coming that will fit the look.

I really love the adjustable thigh supports on these. I used them for autocross for years in a Subaru I used to play with.

I wonder if there’s a support group for people like me that cannot let the past go. It just drives me crazy when you take your car into a body shop and it comes back with random dirty miscellaneous painted metric bolts. The only new bolts were low grade garbage they bought from ace hardware. I highly suggest you supply your body shop this kit if for no other reason than they are clean and labeled.

Those look super comfortable but looking so modern would be hard for me. I guess the only time I stare at the interior is when I am driving and at that point one cannot see the seats! Thank you for sharing, I am looking local for a set to buy used.

Sure thing Don. I agree that they do look out of place though Recaro makes a wide range of seats of a more fitting design. These did fit my Subaru SVX design more closely.
I also agree that they’re both more comfortable and much more solid and rigid than the 50+ year old stock seat frames.

I Love it! Please make more Don. Maybe a 2 gen?

I would join that group.