WCCC attempts its first resto mod / 68 Convertible

Don, I got a set of 70 high back seat frames from Kim and took them to our local upholstery guy (a favourite amongst our Fordnutz members) who mimicked the 68 XR-7 upholstery pattern onto the 70 high back seat frames. This was done for my 68 XR-7 fun driver car. It is way more comfortable than the factory stock seats.

Me too! I kept a box of old hardware from my original 70 Cougar that was sold back in 86. That box along with the pile of hardware found under the rear carpet have saved the day many times on my current 70.

For seats you may take a look at BMW 3series for a factory style seat with around the same proportions. I have also seen modern mustang seats fitting well. The issue I have with those options is you really need to upholster to match the rest of your interior or change the rest to match. It just doesn’t flow otherwise IMO.

I have the TMI front replacement buckets and can say they are worth the money, I looked at tons of options but in the end they would all end up being about the same price as the Tmi seats. I was able to take a mustang rear seat cover and have it modified to fit the cougar seat. Im very happy with how they came out and honestly more happy with the seating position over stock. Not having a tilt wheel put the steering wheel in my legs when operating the clutch. The TMI seats sit lower overall and I spaced the front up a tad to feel better. I used the factory sliders with one hole drilled to match the TMI spacing. They have several versions including a highback version if you so desire,

Great feedback and thank you for the pics, that looks really sanitary and I like that they sit low. They look very comfortable! What made you decide to go without headrests?

2004 BMW 330i 2 dr coupe. All electric, flat rails that bolt into anything. I also cut, lowered seat mounting pan by 2-3 inches. That’s really your ticket, it’s any easy 2 hour job.

Don, check out Fiero seats. They’re not bulky or racy like some modern seats and are pretty low so you will gain some headroom.

Those look good but harder to find than OEM Cougar seats I would imagine!

I was originally going for a updated factory look and thought the headrests might take away from that. Since my other option was to recover my factory seats I would not have headrests either. I was 50/50 on headrest and without putting much thought to the idea I figured they could be added later as TMI offered a headrest separate to the seats. They however tell me it can not be added after the fact but I beg to differ on that and just might try it anyway.

You are 100% correct. During my searching this was recommended alot but fiero seats are not easy to find and they are never in good shape so need to reupholster. I do agree I like the look for a OEM swapped seat

Maybe use a scuff pad to get brushed stainless on the covers you mention. Get rid of the bad chrome such as radiator mount, crossbrace. Just mellow it out underneath a little.

Yes, the export brace is the budget version, I want to put this satin one on it.


I am getting this kit in a brushed finish and he is fabricating a removable panel to cover the headlight area.


Anybody in Idaho headed this way?



Another terrific seat option are 2010-2020 VW GTI. Supportive, all day comfortable and cheap from salvage yards. I prefer them to the stock Recaros in my GT350 and the sport seats in our 911.

Just something to consider…

I pulled the trigger on these partially because no oversized shipping! I have never in my life been comfortable on a 200 mile trip in a Cougar (except maybe in a 71-3), maybe this will be a first?


Love it! Welcome to the “non-factory” pool! Come on in the waters warm!!

The one thing that makes these conversions look weird to me is the sharp “kink” in the quarter panel where the C pillar would normally meet up with the quarter window. I think if the factory made convertibles they would have significantly reworked the quarters. I know some people have tried to address this in their conversions though.

Looks like a fun project Don. I’ve thought that if I ever do another Cougar project I’d have a bit more fun with it, having done the original restoration thing now.

I have a long way to go on this dirty, high mile engine compartment but I have to start somewhere… I changed out the export brace from chrome to satin and am not really feeling it. Should I maybe go chrome or black? I put on original chromed shock tower caps, the off shore caps are a little different and the plating does not hold up well. I have these billet hood hinges on order, oof, the price!!! Finally finished changing out all the mismatched, painted, beat up hardware. Does anyone have a dual 4bbl oval air cleaner base? The one I have is for FE. Also looking for ideas on a rad cap.

What about powder coating the brace and the valve covers to match the paint on the car? That would give it a bit more flair in the engine compartment.

Too much “bling”. Engine bay needs a theme otherwise it looks like it was assembled from an Autozone parts bin. Billet stuff really needs a significant change in the engine bay to offset the chintz, although black billet looks good

How about a black brace with silver zinc coated bolts and nuts. Running cat valve covers and oval cleaner. Gun metal shock caps, which will look great when you add the tops of the red Koni’s(look good and are functional).

Im liking the satin brace…

My personal preference is less is more in the engine compartment. I dislike chrome especially on the engine. I like things to blend in and not stick out so I tend to stick to black or natural finishes. I am currently working on my high mileage engine bay as well, working on getting some of the ratty looking stuff cleaned up and undo some of the previous owners “upgrades” I have a chrome export brace and cant wait to change it or have it power coated to something else.