WCCC attempts its first resto mod / 68 Convertible

Too many finishes and colors make for a jumbled, ill-planned look in my mind. I’m limiting my engine bay component colors to blue, black, and silver with some finish differences-satin, crinkle, brushed and machined-for interest.

You are right I am finding… I think I will stick to black, aluminum and brushed stainless. Time to start over.

Don if that is an Edelbrock dual quad manifold the carbs are closer together than a Ford manifold you will probably have to make a custom base for a Cougar oval air cleaner. I don’t think one is made for that setup.

Pretty disappointed with these expensive hinges dynacorn sells. They were a pain to install with the recessed Allen head fasteners but I could deal with that. They are very tight and precise so aligning the hood was a breeze. The disappointing part is that you can only open the hood 32"!!! The stock hinges give you 46" from bottom of the hood to the top of the center grille.

The guy that did the build on my car talked me out of them for just that reason. Just painted the factory springs and went with that.

These reproduction hinges far surpass NOS or any other brand but they have been out of stock now for a coons age!


Thank goodness I bought a set of these from you a few years ago. I haven’t used them on a project yet, but I’m sure I’ll give them a shot at some point.


are there any updates when these hinges will be back in stock?? I got 1 in my shopping cart that says its available but would buy a pair once there available.


That’s a cool looking hinge but the lack of hood opening would suck.

I too want the beefed up original style. I want to ha e them on hand for when I yank the engine for a rebuild. Surprising my originals are in great shape with no issues

Its a Ford! You seldom need to lift the hood, like you do on Brand X.


Well said. Well spoken!

I have an unused set of those that I would trade for that amount of store credit. They are brand new in the bags.

Just last week, we installed these out-of-stock repos on my '68 Cougar (purchased two yrs+ earlier) and they’re definitely a pair of beasts! Exercising the hinges after getting them set, we found them to be pretty stiff but after several reps they operated like a champ, smooth and repeatable. Of the great host of WCCC parts on my car, these are among the best in quality, price point and function.

BTW, make sure you keep your original hinge springs (Don’s got the “crappy product” turd symbol on the new repos). Mine didn’t look so good but I just hit them with the sandblaster and they cleaned up real nice.

Here is one I get all the time… “My car rubs on one of the front tires and the suspension squeaks, I replaced the upper control arms 50K miles ago so what could it be?” Bad news is if the shaft goes dry they wear out fast and they are difficult to grease. Here is what mine looked like on the driver side after 25 years and 50k miles, check out the solidified grease, I had to chip it out with a screw driver! Even with 90 degree Zerk grease fittings there is no way grease is ever getting through that mess. The car had been lowered by cutting the stock springs which is a sure way to damage your wheel lip moulding and fender lip. Hoping these 1" heavy duty lowering springs do the job with new lower control arms installed. While we were at it, why not let my 16 year old add weld in shock tower reinforcement plates?

Are you going to add roller perches with those springs?

I hate the way those heavy duty spring thump over sharp bumps, like concrete strips and cats-eyes - even with Konis. We used to have a local guy that wound progressive rate lowered coils for Fords and they gave a compliant and controlled ride - but he got old like our cars and retired

The crack in the upper control arm is kind of scary.

That is a cut. Could not get the cap off!

Making progress! I like the look of my TMI seats but did not take into account how much higher they sit than the stock 1970 Grande old seats with collapsed foam. Those in my family under 6’ really like them but way too high for a long bodied 6’4" guy. Going from a 3.50 peg leg to a 3.89 Tru-Trac was a very nice upgrade. I can now shift into 5th gear at 55mph and it does not lug. The rear steer is a fun bonus! Very happy with my custom made 5.0 LITRE emblems Randy made for me! Next up are 15" Legendary wheels. I am just not a fan of low profile tires and the clear coat is going bad on this set.

Looks like you’re having fun with this one. Enjoy!

Love the 5.0 emblems! Beautiful car.