Weatherstripping - repops

Your quarter window weatherstrip will install to the chrome trim same as the XR7. On mine, the metal flange that the weatherstrip mounts to had come loose from the chrome “hockey stick” trim. I had to tap the stud on the trim and screw them back together with #2 screws. Otherwise, it went very smoothly!

Thanks for the head’s up; I will report when I get there. Yesterday was caliper pin insulators and wheel bearing front right - for now I’m leaving it intact so I can justify insuring it! Time to drive!

Smart move - I’ve found that keeping mine on the road keeps me from losing interest in all those many projects! At least you can drive through the winter down there. My driving season will end the first time they salt the streets.

Right about that; year round everything. I’m not even close enough to the ocean/gulf to be affected by salt spray! I feel for ya!