Weber Injection

Found this on ebay and sent a message to the chap with no response.

Was wondering if somebody knows what people are using to run it?

I am not familiar with the one shown, however I am in the process of installing Inglese port injection on an 88 5.0 GT motor in my deuce coupe. There appear to be significant differences, not the least of which is that the one you have pictured has the fuel rails on the outside of the air valves, rather than on the inside, which is what I have and need in the street rod. On a more “modern” car it might not make such a difference. My injection uses Easy EFI by Fast.

Pictures! We want pictures! C’mon Jim, at least let us drool a bit.


Jim sent me the picture and I added it to the post for him. WOW!

Gotta love the Cougar valve covers!

Jim that is a sweet looking set up. Webber looking fuel injection gives it a Wow factor. Double Wow with the Cougar valve covers. Do you have any other Cougar touches to your street rod?

Steven –

No the Cougar running cat valve covers are the only nod to Cougardom on the '32, but boy it gets a lot of attention as nearly no one has ever seen a Cougar engine in a street rod (wink, wink, it is really an '88 5.0 Litre out of a Mustang GT.


Forgot to thank everybody for there replies.

Thanks gents, still working on this.