What about deleting the side marker lights on a '68?

So, I’m new to the forum and would like some opinions. I’m zeroing in on acquiring either a 67 or 68 very soon. Now I had a 67 many moons ago, but I will take what I can get for a new project car. The only thing wrong with a 68 are those gubmint mandated side marker lights.

So, my first instincts lean towards hotrodding and mild rest-mods. My general attitude is, “it’s my car and I’ll do what I want with it…” However, these cars are uncommon enough that I don’t think it would be right to get too carried away.

So let’s say I pick up a 68 and start to go to work on it. Let’s say it’s not a particularly rare model maybe just a XR-7 w/4 speed 302. I have two questions.

What is the general consensus about deleting the marker lights?

What are thoughts on, replacing the marker lights with something smaller and custom? I don’t wan’t to have to argue with strangers about what year my car is. :unamused:

Instead of getting rid of them, I’m considering going all in and making the rear marker lights functional.

I’d get a '67 to start with. Spend the money on other things. Any XR-7 with a 4 speed is a very rare car.

In '67 there were 903 with a 289 and 905 with a 390. So 1808 out of 27,209. 6.6%.

In 68 there were a few more: 1027 with the 302, 657 wit the 390, and 16 with the 428CJ. So 1700 out of 32,709. 5.2%.

I’m with this line of thinking. Would like to see one with a low glowing red rear marker. Some cars have the front blinker and side marker(blinker) that alternate on/off when signalling.

I kinda regret not deleting all the badging, front and rear markers during body work. However not planning any other bigger custom body work stuff I thought it may look out of place in the end. I’m glad I left them but I do wonder what it would have been like otherwise.

Deleted marker lights, reflectors, all badging, trunk lock, turn signals and back-up lights, door handles, sideview mirrors, and filled in every seam possible. Don’t regret a thing.

This is how I felt it should be done. All or nothing.

You may want to check with your states inspection laws 1st. If mandated, a NH inspection would technically require the equipment be present and may present a problem (I could not inspect my 70 Cougar until I reattached seat belts that were missing). Some places may not even know they should present or check when you get inspected, but…
Ever consider adding the 69 or 70 lights? Much smaller, but likely would require more modification…

The original owner of my GT-E saw the new '69 Cougar had both front and rear side marker lights. He liked it, and wanted to update the '68 GT-E from rear reflectors to lighted markers. Since the shape of the rear reflector and the front marker are the same he thought that they would just put the red lenses in a set of front marker light housings. It seemed obvious. So he went to the dealer and asked if they could add lighted side markers like the '69 Cougar to his GT-E. They told him it would be easy. When he came back to get it they had installed a set of '69 side marker lights right under the original reflectors. It was too late to do anything but walk away.

Here is how they did it on the G show car.

OUCH! That one left a nasty scar.

I remember as a kid wishing my dad’s 67 had the 68 side marker lights because then it would look just like the new model! I still think 68 was the best looking year of the cats - side markers and all.

In the mid '70s, when I got my license and my first car (a '70 XR-7), we thought it was cool to drive around at dusk with just the parking lights on.

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I guess I wasn’t the only one to do that. As a matter of fact I do that, with the addition of turning on the fog lights, even past dusk, with the both of my 68 cats.

THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I’m digging those wheels! I know right where to find something like those too.

That’s one of the ideas that would have been used on all '68 Cougars. The G show car was a '67 mule, the lights were just airbrushed on.

That’s still cool in my book! Been doing it like that since they 90’s when I started driving. Never went as far as to defeat the DRL system on a newer vehicle though.

That G show car was a full custom build - no need to airbrush anything.

Later on, when they used some photos for marketing purposes they airbrushed more production appearing side markers over the frenched-in custom ones.

Yup, same thing on my first car (also a 70 XR7) - parking lights and fog lights at dusk. Thought it was cool how the front side markers flashed out of sequence with the front turn signals. So are the side markers on the 68 unlighted reflectors?

Rear markers on a 68 are reflectors.

^^^ like sfhess said -