What makes this Cougar incredible?

Given this is a pretty special car, but one thing sets it apart really from all other early Cougars including the other race cars. Do you see it?

For me it’s look at who is leaning on the fenders.

It is the only one with an air cooled V8?

Ok, seriously though. Is this the car that was fitted with the Group 2 engine?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

It’s not the people or the engine. Hiding in plain sight.

4x2 ?

The roll cage?

deck lid pins?

Mercury script on fender? Really early cars had it mounted parallel to the top of the extension, later parallel with eyebrow molding.

Hmm, well, it has the windshield washer bag instead of the washer bottle?

I would assume this is the “mule” Trans-Am Cougar, the roll bar is also unique from the other TA Cougars.

  • Phillip

And here I thought it would be the dual carbs

Nice straight grill.

Maybe just my perception, but the fender extensions appear to be molded into the fenders. Or maybe it’s that the parking lights are on with the battery disconnected.

Looks good be heater delete.

No radiator?

It looks to have disc brakes, but I thought that was common for trans am cars already.

I vote roll cage also

Hood delete?
Shock mounts delete…?

Whats a group 2 engine ?

Speed control?


Notice how well the headlight doors line up. This is better than any production Cougar in any of the brochures even.