What ‘Special Paint’ color is my Coug?

Hey all!

I just got my first Cougar in over 25 years, but I dont know what color it is.

It’s my understanding that ‘Special Paint’ means nothing more special than not being a standard Cougar color for 1970. The Marti Report is no help, nor is the original invoice…so I’m wondering if any of you have a way to determine it, other than getting a chip and having it analyzed.

I like the color.

I don’t know what color it is either, I am color blind.

Have you checked in the hidden areas to verify the body is still painted the factory color?


I’m pretty sure it’s the original paint.

Color may not have a “name”. And factory colors often had many different names depending on year and what model of car it was.

If a buyer didn’t like any regular production colors salesmen tried to steer the buyer towards a color used on another Ford product that year. It was easier for the plant. IF not then they used the fleet color book filled with color chips. The color chip had a number (numbering system changed in 67) on the back side which was placed on the order form and eventually on the bottom of the buildsheet and depending on plant and year sometimes on the buck tag. It was suppose to also be on a form in an envelope included when the car was delivered like any other special order.

On car models that came with (normally) body colored exterior rear view mirrors special exterior paint meant that those mirrors were not available and instead chrome mirror were installed in their place in most cases

I’ve owned six special paint cars over the years and help on many more

I thought the price for the change was less than what your invoice shows but maybe I just recall incorrectly - can’t seem to find any of my old ones at the moment

Looks like the bright metallic green used on various generic motors cars of the era. You can get one of the original paint areas scanned at most paint stores.

I looked at my 1970 color chip book. There were 2 other greens used by Ford that year. Code 7 was for a 1969-1970 Maverick and was called Anti-Establish Mint and code 19 for a 1970 Thunderbird and Continental called Green Fire Poly and Green Stardust Poly. Neither one really looks like a match to me but given that I am looking at a small paint chip and a computer monitor I could be wrong. You could try stopping by a store that mixes automotive paint to see if they have a 1970 chip book to take a look for yourself.

Did you happen to get the original owners manual with the car? If so did you look to see if anyone made any note of the color in it? A real long shot would be to see if the original selling dealer is still around and if so if they might still have any paperwork on your car.

Another option would be to take some of the interior apart to see if the original build sheet is still there. I usually find them laying on the floor beneath the sound deadener and carpet. Some have been found behind the panel on the back of the front seat, some have been found tucked up under the dash. A plus here is that while you have some of the interior out you could see what color the floors are painted to see if they match the exterior of the car.

As noted in post #5 above did you check the buck tag?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I didnt get the original manual, but that’s a good idea. I checked to see if Ed McConnel Ford was still around, but now it’s Gridley Country Ford. I’ll try calling tomorrow.

I would be looking for it if the interior was coming apart, but it’s all original and mint inside. I’m not taking nothing apart inside. Biggest job is replacing the torn headliner…and it won’t be up there! :wink:

I’ll have a look at that. Might be my best option, short of the paint-shop match. Thanks for the research and the great ideas

If you do decide to flake some paint off of a hidden area, you can send it to Marti Auto and they will use their book (like Jeff Speegle posted) and match it up for you. They’ll also add that info to the Marti Report, and enter it into their database for any future owners.

Jeff, regarding the price for the Special Paint option, when I was helping Don with the Eliminator Book I went through my invoices for the special paint cars to figure out the cost of the option…and I got 3 or 4 different prices, none of which seemed to match the blue paint book price sheet :-/

You can take the back seat bottom out easily. It should have some color in that area.

If Marti has that book I would give him a call and see if you can bring him the car and match up in person. He is local to AZ

I feel bad for anyone trying to find the original color of my car without a Marti Report. I have eliminated 99% of the original color with my color change.

As long as the original door data plate is still in place the original paint code will be on it.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Looks like they just charged Cougar buyers a little more. Guess they figured that rich buyers had more money and could afford it :wink:

This exactly what we did. And we hit paydirt! Scott found it under the passenger seat, between the underlayment and the floor.

He said this build sheet is among the most nicely preserved he’s seen. I’m not sure what some of the specifications mean, and it’s curious that the box for ‘Paint’ at the top is conspicuously blank, just as it is on the Marti Report and the original invoice.

There is a section at the bottom of the sheet called ‘Remarks (The following information supersedes equipment requested above)’. There, partially illegible, is the missing key to the color. Upon close inspection, I believe It says ‘Hood Fenders WT 7194 Black Paint Stripes’.

So when I googled WT 7194, the mystery was solved: my Cougar is simply…Green. :laughing:

It’s interesting that WT 7194 is described as being in use from 1971-1984, but my car is a ‘70. It was used by Ford as a fleet color for commercial orders.

So, now…my question becomes: if Marti says my car is 1 of 32 with special paint and this trim code…I wonder how many of those 32 are WT 7194 ‘Green’?

I believe that if you provide Marti Auto Works with a copy of your build sheet he will update the database to include your code and it would appear on the bottom of any future Marti reports. He also might have a copy of the actual 1970 Ford fleet color book and possibly have some additional insight on the color name.
Since he does not have the data to indicate what color all of the special paint cars actually were, then I don’t believe he will be able to breakdown your 1 of 32 question.

Also the 1 of 32 refers to with interior code 5A, so there might have been others with your paint code and other interiors.

The 1 of 32 number would also only reflect the number of 1970 standard hardtop Cougars. There may well be some painted your color that are XR-7 hardtops, standard convertibles or XR-7 convertibles. Maybe even an Eliminator too.

Congrats on finding the build sheet and solving the mystery.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Very cool info - thanks for sharing!

  • Phillip

That’s great! I was on the freeway and passed an old Ford Econoline van in what looked like your color today. I thought about about trying to flag the guy down and ask for a picture of his door tag but then I realized I’d look like a lunatic.

Kevin has a number of Fleet color books as some of the rest of us have. Unfortunately the chips don’t have any popular or color names on the ships or in the books. Just a number

So…while I’m isolating, I started putting my document folder together. I’ve got the original invoice, the Marti Report, blueprints and specs on the engine rebuild, etc. and came across this article in ConcoursMustang.com on how to restore a buildsheet that may be stained, from years of underlayment: http://concoursmustang.com/speegle/Articles/Article%20-%20BuildsheetRestoration.pdf

Seems pretty simple, but is there a reason I wouldn’t want to clean it up? I have a 1966 Fender Precision Bass and I wouldn’t dream of cleaning up its years of dive bar mojo.