Which Shortie PS Hose Goes Where?

Hey Fellas, I’ve searched all over the place and can’t find anything that clearly shows which of the “shortie” PS hoses goes where (i.e. which one is the send and which the return).
The two hoses have different part numbers and are slightly different, so each one should have a correct position in the system.

ALSO, is there a correct way to “clock” the hoses for best / correct position? They have stripes on them, so I figure they should align a certain way…

This is a pic of what I had: 3A717 was the “uppermost” of the two and 3A714 was the lower, but that doesn’t mean they were put on correctly God knows how long ago >.<

Hope this helps.

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Awesome! Ok, so if I’m looking at the assembly drawing correctly, then my hoses were installed in the correct location with 3A717 being the “upper” hose and 3A714 being the “lower” of the 2 hoses, as seen in my photo.

Not really related Mark but I’m curious if either of your hoses that run to the pump look like the one in my thread here ?

For some reason mine didn’t match what should have come from the factory and I had to source a B302 hose.

None of my hoses look like that / those.

Thanks for checking. No telling how my 351C car ended up with a Boss 302-only part down there.

Heres the pic Bluedot hoses sent me years ago

The question on the Boss 302 hose/ Cleveland. I believe it has to do with the pump & bracket change in 70. The bracket put the port into the shock tower/ brace. They needed to turn it around, thus the hose end & shared applications.

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Thanks for the input, Bill. I appreciate it!

To add to this thread,
70 pumps have are a reverse fitting (high pressure) of the 67-69 pumps. This port is also located off center unlike all the 67-69 housings & has a larger hole.
Of note:I have found the repop pumps (BBB not Lares junk) may not fit your original housings. The pump will not seat into the housing & seal the big o-ring.

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