Who's done an AOD swap?

Been looking to do an AOD swap and researching how to go about doing it. There are so many kits with so many different companies and they all leave out something whether it be the block plate or something else. Is there anyone who has had better luck with a particular kit than others? I like the look of the tubular transmission crossmember better than the Ron Morrison one but will I be able to run headers with it? Also does anyone make any long tube headers that will work with the AOD? I was going to run tri-y headers before but I really just want something good that will work and not be too picky on what design besides a full length.

I did an aod swap last year in my 68 and bough everything separate. There were some parts I didn’t need because of the transmission I had and none of the kits I found were very complete and it was easier and cheaper to buy just the pieces I needed. I ended up buying the cross member from summit.( SUM-770328 ) As for header, I went with a set of shorter header as to reduce the clearance issues I am not sure what engine or car you are installing it into but I used the headman 88650 with a 351w in my 68 and the fit was good.

I did with Headman headers at the time. The problem was that the TV cable would not rise correctly with throttle and the trans burned out quickly under power. Make sure you find the right kit for doing the TV and the rest is easy. At the time, Windsor-Fox made a shift linkage kit and trans mount but not sure what happened since. They were a pain to deal with and have exited the business…

TCI makes a valve body that eliminates the TV cable opting to use fluid pressure instead. I’ve not done an AOD yet, but I have a core in my shed that I’ll have built with the valve body I’m mentioning.

Oh sorry about no info on what car. It’s a 67 with a 302 iron heads. I was thinking about piecing it together as well as the kits seem to leave out a lot. Did you need the AOD shift lever that goes into the transmission or are the ones on the stock AOD correct for our cars?

I used the a throttle return spring to help with the cable to have more pressure, the lokar cable (KD-2AODHT ) spring was a little weak. I also used the a gauge in the TV port of the transmission to get the adjustments right, drove around for a few weeks with it to check it. Monster transmissions has a good video on it. As well as a few other youtube videos.

The transmission shift lever works, however depending on the transmission you get you might have to go into the transmission to and turn it. floor shift or column shift , if you can get the floor shift model it would be in the correct position. If not it can be turned. then you need the linkage adapter ( Performance Automatic AOD Shift Linkage Kits PASS53104 )

Yep. Everything I own that had an AOD got one. Better shifts and the tv cable becomes a kickdown.

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There is an ongoing AOD swap thread in the Classic Cougar Maintenance Restoration and Repair section. Mark (9F91H581221) has done many of these upgrades and can answer your specific questions.

I’m in the process of doing my second 69 FMX to AOD swap. It is really a pretty simple upgrade. Just be sure the TV cable in adjusted correctly and the carburetor/transmission TV lever ratio must be 1 to 1.

Good luck with your swap.

You don’t need a kit, just a few things.

I would still offer up the same advice as Local Hero on the TCI constant pressure valve body. The idea of line pressure being relative to throttle is good in theory and not in practice (anyone who has had a Chrysler Torque flite burn up for the same reason can testify to that as well) Having used them I can tell you that it is both nice not having to worry about losing a transmission from being slightly out of adjustment as well as being able to set your part throttle shift points, and drive it. If you’re thinking about doing a kit for firmer shifts, then just spend the money and get one. The shifts are quick and firm but not cumbersome or uncomfortable.

For those who have done the AOD swap, what sort of mpg increase did you see afterward?

Around town it’s the same. Highway cruising is up to around 5 more. Plus reduced engine noise because of 33% less rpm in OD. It’s a great addition for Cougars that get driven. The stock shifter in the Cougar works with the AOD too.

Also depends on your rear gears. With a 351C 4V, AOD and 3.25 gears, I get around 20 mpg on the highway.