XR7-G exhaust bezels

Has anyone found an alternate source for the XR7-G exhaust bezels installed in the valance. Both West Coast and John’s are out of stock with no estimates on when that will change.
Or maybe someone has found a different bezel that works? I’m not restoring my car so attractive but not right is fine with me.

I think they were basically '66 Mustang GT chrome bezels with the bottoms cut off.

You could also look into early '67 Shelby chrome bezels.

  • Phillip
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If you don’t care about concourse correct, then I’d go with the Mustang version.

Exactly right.

No, the XR7-G bezels are a cast pot metal horse-shoe design with three studs.
The Mustang bezels are an oval stamped stainless steel design - completely different.
I had a number of these cast up in the late '90s but no longer had access to a casting/chroming facility.

Thanks Vic - that’s great information.

  • Phillip

They are made like the blueprint says :
Bezel_Assy_Exhaust XR7G.pdf (194.9 KB)