XR7-G featured in this month's Hemmings Muscle Machines

Great article in this month’s HMM magazine! I recommend that everyone subscribe to this magazine. It is awesome! The car is an X code / sunroof equipped car finished in Saxony with black vinyl top and interior owned by Bob Green of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Green is not in the XR7-G Registry if anyone knows how to reach him we would like to include him and the car.

Picked that up last night - wow, very neat that this G is new to the registry!

Hemming’s Muscle Machines is a terrific magazine, and someone there obviously likes Mercury Cougars as they have had numerous features on them and even a few on the covers.

In a very sad related note, looks like 19 car magazines will be disappearing from the newsstand, including Car Craft, Muscle Car Review and Mustang Monthly -


  • Phillip

I believe the car is in the registry already. The current owner is unknown to the registry.

Finally read the article and I see that that was Fran’s G which he had restored.

Beautiful car.

This is a picture I snapped of it at Carlisle in '09 which, according to the article, is where the current owner saw and purchased it.

That is a beautiful G. Thanks for sharing the picture Philip.


This is a very nice car. Is there a link to the article somewhere, and more photos of the car by chance?

Hemmings will put it online when the next month’s issue is released to subscribers.

Thanks Royce. I’ll have to remember to check it out then.

I have a 1967 xr7gt and I don’t see anyone posting gt just g. I did want to put it in the registry?

Here are links to register your car. The 1st link is the main one & the 2nd link is to Brett Irick, he is the GT, XR-7 GT & 6.5 Litre registrar: http://www.cougarclub.org/register.htm xr7gt@cougarclub.org .