Yes, another wheels thread

I am having a tough time picking out my wheels, and sizes. Was thinking 18’s, but the tires for them are much more expensive, and not as common. Granted, I wont drive the car more than 2000 miles a year (last year I only did around 430), so I wont be replacing them as often as a daily driver, so that really shouldn’t effect to choice too much. Question is, is it worth an extra 3 or 400 to go with 18’s?

Another issue is this; I really like the Torq Thrust M, but have seen others I like, and now it has me confused. I know the Torq Thrust has been used a lot, and some would say overplayed, but they look so good. Now I am starting to like these Shelby wheels I saw. Maybe I could use some input. Yes, I know my car looks like crap at the moment, and some would be embarassed to be seen in it, but it is fun. I just want to decide on wheels before it is painted in case any mods need to be made to make the work.

I like these:
Torq Thrust M

Shelby style

This one should have much more offset on the rim than the picture shows

So that is what I like, place your votes.

If you have another suggestion that might looks better on my pile of crap, then feel free to suggest away.

18’s are more common than you might think. I had no trouble finding them for the back of mine, and didn’t really notice a price jump for them, either. As for the wheels, either would look nice, IMO. Not very helpful, I know, but, it’s the truth.

Damn you T3, that was no help at all, if anything, made me more confused. You have now been demoted to T2, Lol.

Correct, 18’s will not be a huge price jump and are quite common now. Torque Thrusts still look nice and classy.

Unless you wanna look like a thug from the 90’s, go for smaller rather than larger rims. But I’m a weirdo. Even 16’s are too big for my taste. I like tires with some meat to em, especially on a classic muscle car!

Well since you asked for suggestions i’ll throw in my .02, I think the torq’s look like overgrown cragar ss’s and I dont think they look good on any fomoco product. I do like the look of the wheels on SalD’s (other tire / wheel post) as they have some detail to them. But since i’m still running 14’s white walls and wire basket covers while I look for the right fit maybe I should have only added my .01 :smoke:


One thing I would like to mention is that chrome is easier to maintain than polished aluminum, brighter/shinier too. One of the reasons I liked and went with the Foose Legends. Just a thought. Did you get my email?


I’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it? I like the Cragar SS’s, and your first model looks fine to me. Once you have the cat beautified a bit, Mike, the sound and the ride will be the same, and, that is already way up there in the thumbs up area! The 15" Cragars really do it for me.

T3’s don’t look so bad either.

So, for my part, your pic # 1 gets my vote!


Thanks guys. I am just wondering if the modern Cragar’s have been overplayed, even though, to me, they look timeless.

I have always liked the modern oversized Crager’s (and yes, I wanna be a gangsta (I love office space)), but also like the old AC Cobra deep dish wheels. I am just not sure if the Shelby wheels would look good being not as deep dish since they are only 10" wide. If anyone has an alternate suggestion, I am open to them as well.

Bob, I did get your email, and you will probably be hearing fom me again about sizing stuff. I like chrome, but have always been more of a fan of polished aluminum more. Not sure what it is, but the look of polished metal looks so much better to me than chrome, but I may still go with chrome, not sure. I can always polish them up nice and pretty and put some clear coat on them, or that sharkskin stuff.

Either way, I am in the market for some wheels and tires, and unless I find something shinier and more distracting, I am getting wheels and tires.

And who is this Bing bot that keeps viewing all these threads without responding? Should I be worried? Is it some sort of conspiracy? Do I need to fall of the map, again?

Mike, if your going to lower your car 2 inches you my want to go with 17 instead of 18" rims and tires. I have found that my
225/40ZR18 on the rear will scrape if I ride someone in the back, when I take a sharp turn or hit a bump on the interstate. These tires have very little clearance on the inside of the fender wells in the rear. I like the [old school] look of the thrusts, cragars and 5 spoke look. The ride of your car will be greatly different with low profile tires also, I am constantly tightening rattles under the dash and the car rides harder. You were no help with my decision to change from 18 inch low profile to 14 inch dual red lines , so I thought I would return the favor. LOL SalD

BTW don’t sell your ride short, it’s a monster.

If I may make a suggestion. If you go with the shelby type go with American racing shelby 427’s or vintage wheels v60’s.The Rev wheels look to flat where the others have more depth. Also i believe the 427’s come in chrome/polished to.

My shelby 427

My Car

ACIII picture from

Here’s one more vote for nothing larger than 16" rims on a classic Cougar. They just look wrong, in my opinion. Obviously, a great many people disagree, judging by the cars I see at shows and online lately. Still, I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go in the old car hobby, and this feels like one to me. But, for those into the big wheel/skinny sidewall look, why stop with mere 17 and 18 inch wheels? Embrace the trend and go for the gusto!

Go for a minimum of 17" wheels. They have better clearance of the upper ball joint. You can have the tyre rub on the ball joint under load with 16" wheels. I’ve found that 17 x 8 with 235/45 x 17 are a common tyre combination that works well and isn’t overpowering, 225/50 x 17 give a better ride but are a lot more expensive

All my cars are lowered 2", except the 428 which is only down 1 1/2". The ride depends on how you match the springs and shocks. The softest ride I have is on the 68 which uses non-gas Monroe (crap shock). You get a great ride with Konis, bit harder with KYB gas and avoid Monroe GT Gas. You can fix the rear travel issue when you have a load with a 5th leaf in the rear spring that only comes into play under load. I actually run out of brave pills with the 69 on circular on ramps rated at 40kph when I’m still accelerating at 90kph.

None of my lowered cars crash out on the suspension because i set the spring rates the only slightly stiffer than standard even though they are lower (you don’t need 620lb front springs) and i control the suspension with the shocks and bigger sway bars

Lowered Cougars are a PITA to get out of, especially if you have grippy sports seats, but I can cruise all day at 75mph, even through the twisty stuff, and not be knackered at the end of the day because of the way the cars are set up. Wish I could say the same about a 450hp Cleveland with clunky toploader

BTW - what colour are you going to paint it. Chrome wheels do not suit every colour. You can get a better match with a grey / aluminium centre and a polished rim - like the yellow 69 above

Hey, that’s one way I had not considered to solve a header to ground clearance problem!

Attitude makes up for alot of shortcommings. Your car is bad ass. I take “go” over “show” anyday and wouldnt be embarrassed to park that animal next to anyone!

That is one bad ass looking…Ah forget it, I can’t do it with a straight face. :gaptooth:

Mike, of your two choices in the first post, I think your car will look better with the TTMs. 17 or 18 is your call. I staggered and did both. 17s on the front and 18s on the rear.

I never thought I’d like those Shelby sytle wheels. But they really work well on BadBoy’s yellow car pictured earlier. It’s all in what the overall package will look like.

I can see how some would think TTIIs are overplayed. But in my case, I chose them because I wanted something that was going to have some staying power. The last set of wheels I ran in the 90s (Billet Specialites directional wheels) went out of style REALLY REALLY quick. But even moreso… I chose the TTIIs because I could special order them in any offset backspace I wanted. It really helped with the fit on my car.

I like tires with some meat to em, especially on a classic muscle car!

I’ve got to agree!

I prefer chrome to aluminum or painted and I do think that these over sized rim tire combinations as a fashion statement are a faze that will eventually be replaced by who knows what. You’ve been working on your car for what, 12 years that I know of so don’t rush a decision. Besides the last video that I saw of your car still had plenty of rubber to burn. Maybe it’s time for a new video: Just saying. SalD

One comment on something that has not come up directly in the discussion: tire availability. I was a die-hard, old school 15" guy, but when I researched tires a bit and saw the BFG’s (or Firestone’s for that matter, just about all that is available) were showing silly lead times, I started to see the light. Sure, there will alway be some supplier of something to fit “old stuff” like Coker and the like, but you are going to pay and let’s face it (or not, as you wish), 15" are getting to be dinosaur’s. I went with 17’s (with a little coaxing of people that were interested in helping the “old guy” see the light :buck:) and never looked back. I am very happy with what I ended up with.

Whatever they lack in sidewall height (which personally I think is just fine, sidewall is overrated :wink: they MORE than make up for with something that matters much more, treadwidth. So says the former old school, old guy.

I got mine on 15x8 all the way around.

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