A Cougar Pic, Your Cougar Pic

My first Cougar purchase picture. Late summer 1985. Still have the Cougar. My brother lives at the house now. The two barns were tore down around 2004.


Very nice color choice!!

Not an old pic. This was from a car show in 2022…I’ve had the Cougar since 2001…and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon…Unless of course its with me behind the wheel

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My 68 as of today.


Sorry about the picture of a picture, but it’s what’s hanging up in my memorabilia corner. It’s my senior picture taken in June of '90. It was about 2 weeks after a $150 paint and bodywork job was done to it. The car is still sporting the same paint and bodywork. It definitely is looking a little worn, but doesn’t look that bad in pictures. Here’s one from last September:

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Your car still looks great! Looks like the Kansas Flint Hills in the background.

Thanks! Yes, it’s the Flint Hills. Picture was taken a few miles north of Manhattan.

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Working on our new project…inherited the car with LOTS parts…however none were put together…car was completely stripped down to just the glass in place and the body panels intact. Hopefully we can get her back together…lots of work but lots of :star_struck:

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Look at that smile with the aluminum headed FE going in…

My wife’s first car a 69 390 S code car that had been changed out to a 302/C4.

Our Current 69 XR7 351 4V 4Speed car. I don’t seem to have any pics of the 69 we owned that was a power window car. I guess 69 is our favorite year.


took this just because - nice day and my Cougar shining in the Aussie sun… Thanks for letting me share . :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks very nice in that Aussie sun! BTW what is sun? Have not seen that stuff for about 2 months!

Just found a 1970 Cougar Eliminator thats been in a garage for over 40 years


Wow! And a great color. Can you give us some more info? What engine and transmission?

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351 Cleveland 4 Barrel with a Manual 3 speed

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see is looking for a new home.

Finally done with paint and sealing the front cowl and windshields (too many attempts). This is the 2010s decade Ford Lincoln color Ruby Red.

Almost done with re assembly after paint

love that color and the number looks cool in there. Looking forward to seeing the finished car.

Gorgeous shade of red. Very luxurious - looks to be right in between Cardinal Red and Black Cherry.

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