Canadian GT-E Found

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Saw this on the forum, and it was linked from the FE forum, and linked to a Canadian Hotrod forum;

Royce and Jim P. have already seen this (and commented on the FE forum), and it is in the Registry already. But a great GT-E story just the same, so thought I would post it here.

Very nice! One of the comments was, they think the car will be worth around 100,000. Wouldn’t this be worth more with only this many miles on it, or would not having the same motor drag down the price that much?

Dennis I’d guess it would bring less than $100,000. How many GT-E’s have brought over the 6digit mark? Brian’s Gunner is the only one I’m aware of. Does anyone know of any others breaking that mark? Here is another link talking about this Canadian GT-E. It is a great find and a cool story.

Not having the original engine is a big detriment. People that have the money to collect high dollar cars are generally pretty particular. If that car was 100% original with 17,000 miles I would expect it to be worth much more than $100K.

17k miles, and NOT the original drivetrain? WTH happened, is what I would want to know.

The car was regularly drag raced, and the original motor was blown up.

Ahhh, shoulda clicked the link last night…there was another thread on here about that car already, IIRC. I’m caught up now! Thanks.

I believe Jim said he has passed the 250 car mark on the GT-E registry…that is amazing!

And this story is great :beerchug: I love the rocker stickers lol

In the Canadian thread, frankly the fellow posting about the numbers on the 428s vs. 427s is being a little hopeful on the rarity of the 428CJ in GT-Es making it worth more, possibly. I think the 427 engine and it’s history far-outweigh the 428s cache to the big time collectors. What that means for actual $? Heck if I know :crazy:

We now have accounted for 274 of the 394 GT-Es produced; 69.54%, so I’m claiming 70% :slight_smile:

Just to clarify “accounted for” does not mean that they are still in existance. Some of those cars have been parted out. I do not have the number for how many are still with us as projects or as drivable, Jim P has those numbers.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Oh my, sorry Jim I missed the correct number… Great work!

If you have time or feel like it, I am constantly asked how how many of the cars are around in various forms. I know you’ve mentioned these in threads before but maybe years ago ) , but can you do a new/latest rundown of what numbers you think are:

1.Running/Driveable cars but not “show cars”

  1. Cars that are whole bodies but missing a transmission and/or engine, in process of restoration, waiting on restoration

  2. Scraps that have a VIN on it somewhere

  3. Show quality #2 or higher cars??

    Unless it’s GT-E Mafia double-secret information or something :wink:

You should know, being a card-carrying member… :poke:


I’d like to see the same sort of thing for the Eliminators as well.

I know all the registrars are busy guys, between fielding various questions and real life. But you know, you don’t have to do it all yourselves. There ARE people out here that will help, and that will do thier best to maintain the reliability, integrity, and “honor” (if you will) of the Registries.

My question is when do you declare victory? Of those 120 cars unaccounted for the fate of a good portion of them may never be known.

I don’t think Jim’s going to be satisfied till he’s got every single one on the list! He’s pretty dang diligent :slight_smile:

My quick count in the “photo registry” thread comes up with about 12 GT-Es that I’d consider #2 or better cars.

I loosely saw 4-5 that are complete cars that will be driveable “soon” too.

Jim if you are online, holler if you want me to start a registry thread with a breakdown as discussed, or if you want to go ahead, fire away…thanks!

Based on a description I got from a previous owner back in the 1990’s, there is a good chance that there is one GT-E somewhere here in Oz (minus its engine that was pulled for a race boat)

I was surprised to see the silver stripe down the hood of this GT-E. Back in the day my Nordic Blue GT-E also had a silver stripe down the hood. My car came out of North Illinois so maybe the owner was inspired by this raced GT-E when he saw it at a drag strip?? And maybe it was just a nice match for the lower body color? I have this pic from a previous owner.

I can only imagine what GT-E sales would have been like had the Merc Boys decided to splatter a big “427” , “Le Mans” or a Cobra emblem on the fenders (although I suppose Shelby had that copywrite?)

It would have changed things, to be sure…

Brian – Regarding any attempt to “classify” GT-Es in terms of condition, etc. I believe it to be a task nearly as beneficial as jousting at windmills. Your #2 might be the same as someone else’s #1, or #8, and any assessment of “driver”, “project”, “parts car”, etc. I’ve never seen any collective judgment that was universally acceptable. And, even if you were successful at “capturing” the status, on some acceptable scale, on any one day, I can assure you things will change, and you won’t be advised about it (as I am too frequently not advised), rending any conclusions drawn absolutely worthless. Suppose we said that of the 274 accounted for GT-Es 1/3 were major project cars (or worse, including those we know to be gone); 1/3 were capable of being pushed or driven at least; and, the remaining 1/3 better than that, with maybe a half dozen concours correct cars (or very close to it). Even if this were an accurate assessment, the one thing you can bet on is that it will change tomorrow. As soon as you, or I, or anyone else begins talking numbers those numbers will be misunderstood, misstated to others, thrown around without adequate understanding, or simply lied about. I know; it happens to me all of the time. And once “out there” in cyberspace the bad information is very difficult to correct, except on a one-on-one basis. I’m still fighting phoney production numbers from the 1970’s. As for making assessments based on photos, lots of luck; too few of those who attempt to sell these cars, do an adequate job of photo representation, much less the casual photo taken for other purposes. We’ve all seen cars that look “decent” in photos only to find out that they aren’t practically salvageable and are really rebody candidates. So … your probably saying to yourself, “Gee I wish Jim would quit beating around the bush and just tell me what he thinks.” If you wish to try to compile such a list etc. help yourself to the mustard :slight_smile: