GT-E XR7 At Mecum-Kissimmee

Haven’t seen this discussed so apologize if I missed it. Looking at future Mecum auctions and saw that the Kissimmee 2021 Auction has a red GT-E XR7 selling at no reserve on Friday (1/15). Part of the Larry Carrell collection along with a very nice 70 428 SCJ Eliminator. The GT-E is red on red and has a correct code 427 (not number matching?). Be interesting to see how it does after the blue GT-E sold for $132k at Indy. Anyone know anything about this car?

I knew the original owner well. I was there when it was sold out of the estate. Send me a PM if you have any questions.

I would recommend contacting Jim Pinkerton to discuss the car and any details he can share from the GTE Master Records. This would be the best starting point if you are seeking to obtain this car or any GTE of interest.

Link to the listing:

This car is one that I find highly desirable based on the selling dealership and its history. Very few 1968 Specialty cars came through Sam Priestly Lincoln Mercury. With all things there is a “as we know it at this time clause”; 1 XR7G, 1 428 CJ equipped Cougar and 2 GTE’s. For many years I was understanding there was only one GTE sold by this dealership, Jim based on the records located another that also had sold and many years later was sold overseas.

This GTE lived a large part of its life in Southern California.

Selling without a reserve could make the auction an interesting one to watch or even participate in.

Certainly Jim Pinkerton would be an ideal contact to discuss the car with in detail as to what he is able to share with perspective buyers.

Another interesting data point in the GTE world.

There are quite a few details I would have corrected before sending this one to auction.

Sorry, I don’t have your eye - what are you seeing?

I only see the right hand exhaust is twisted.

Thermactor is missing, battery and positive terminal, C pillar XR7 badges are wrong.

Looks like the Battery hold down is also missing. The Positive terminal looks like it is a Reproduction and not down on the post as far as it should be. And yes the Battery is a parts store unit.

Bill’s GT-E was featured in a couple magazines in the 1990’s. Here is a cover shot from one of them. He was in the process of returning the car to stock in the early 2000’s when he passed. He sold the 427MR intake and BT-BU carbs in this photo to me around 1999.

That is really cool, thx for the pic, Royce. Don’t see too many GTEs w/that treatment anymore, LOL.

Looks really solid but lots of details that need correcting. Wrong radio, radio knobs, tilt knob, wrong shift handle, no perfs in kicks, inferior repro Merc emblems, faded out grille center decal, DS grille is from 67, poor steering pad, incorrect exhaust, lots of little details under hood, wrong pull strap covers, wrong trim rings, tilt unplugged, steering pad shot, lots of orange peel, wrong antenna, 1974-76 xr7 pillar emblems, undersized tires. If you can find 20 things wrong at first glance in their glamour shots expect to find at least 50 more upon closer inspection. Not sure it is a six figure car but a fun one to pick up as a driver and bring to the next level as your budget allows.

Thank you Don.

Auction details for when we look back on this years later and the link doesn’t work anymore.

VIN - 8F93W537983
Engine -427 CI
Trans - Automatic
Color- Cardinal Red
Interior- Red
One of 256 Cougar XR-7s produced with the GT-E package in 1968
Sold new at Sam Priestly Lincoln Mercury ,Inc. in Oceanside, California
Restored to like original specs
Correct W-code 427 CI side-oiler V-8 engine
Holley 4-barrel carburetor
Aluminum intake manifold
C6 Merc-O-Matic transmission
Competition suspension
Power steering
Power brakes with front discs
Cardinal Red with Red bucket seat interior
Woodgrain dash
Tinted glass
AM/FM radio
Tilt away steering column
Styled steel wheels
BF Goodrich radial tires

I misspoke when I mentioned one of the grille halves was from a 67. Looking at the pictures more closely I see both grille halves are the 67 design which can be found on early 68’s. The magazine shows 1968 grilles? No Marti posted so I am unsure how early the car is.

Don I have been wondering about what constitutes “early” for the grill design. My Jan 68 San Jose car has the 1967 style.

January 1968 is pretty late. I would suspect your grilles were replaced at some point or perhaps San Jose found a pile of earlier ones and used them up. The 1968 grilles were beefed up at the center which made a lot of them crack at the outboard section. Also the grilles tend to get damaged easily in minor accidents.

Someone should add the VIN to the thread title or at least somewhere in the body, so that people searching by VIN can find it.

It’s part of the name of the image I posted.

It will be interesting to see the $ margin between this example and one that has actually been detailed before auction presentation!

Maybe the auction house rushed the outcome, but disappointing regardless

Anyone know when this is scheduled to be sold?