How many 1969 SCJ cougars were built?

Anyone know How many 1969 SCJ cougars were built?

I can’t say for all models, but there was 66 SCJ ram air Eliminators built in 1969. It’s a start and maybe others can chime in and add the numbers up.

53 XR7 hardtops.

Does that include both 4 speed and automatics? For 4 speed cars - there were 33…

Scott, that is how I interpreted it. The information was on the Marti Report from Jason’s sunroof car.
53 with body type 93 and R code engine. Guessing that it combines V and W code axles, too.

Hmm… what I’ve been told, and put together…

1969 Cougar 428SCJ With Ram Air - Total = 164
1969 XR-7 Hardtop = 48
4-speed = 33
Auto = 15

So somewhere my numbers and Scott’s numbers don’t jive. I’m curious if Scott’s 53 might include Q-code SCJ XR-7’s, maybe? Or my number is missing something.

Maybe this will help someone interpret some numbers better than I can.

Thanks Yearby. Unfortunately, there is another Marti Report that indicates 229 SCJ’s for the 1969 hardtop :-/

Perhaps the difference is because one is an R code and the other is a Q code?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I’m thinking it may be a difference between 4speed and autos. They are both for a 65A body. That’s the one thing about the Marti reports. It doesn’t necessarily break down to total production, but breakdown of similar options based of that specific car.

That is not how the STATISTICS box on a Deluxe Marti Report is supposed to work. Those lines are meant to be taken seperately and applied to the specific model at the bottom of the box…

Your car is one of:
xxx With these Engine/Transmission Codes
For the 1969 Cougar Hardtop.

This “Engine/Transmission Codes” line takes into account the specific engine and transmission in these cars ~ Q vs R and 4-speed vs Auto.

xxx With 428SCJ Engine- Drag Pack after 2/20
For the 1969 Cougar Hardtop.

This line pretty much says that the SCJ number is supposed to be associated with ALL 1969 Cougar Hardtops, no matter if they are R or Q, 4-speed or Auto.

Even If you look at each of those lines as being related (which they are not supposed to be), that gives us 206 R-code / 4-speeds… and 132 of those were SCJs? That seems an unlikely ratio. The other report shows 87 Q-code / Automatics… and 229 of them were SCJs? My math may not be great, but that just doesn’t add up.

Unfortunately, I think that Mr. Marti probably DID have something else factored in to one or both of those SCJ numbers by mistake.

I totally agree with the math not adding up. I don’t think those numbers are accurate. By what your saying that each line is just based of the 1969 Cougar hardtop, the SCJ number should be the same on both reports, regardless of ram air/transmission.

I remember the previous thread about the 68 CJ 4:30 4speed car, and the owner was not happy because his report would not breakdown how many 4:30/4speed cars were produced throughout total production but was limited to cars that were the similar color. (I believe). That’s why I was leaning toward those SCJ numbers being related to some other statistic not listed, or just could be a mistake.

No disrespect to Mr Marti, he does a great job!

I’m with you - no disrespect to Mr. Marti - he can’t reasonably be expected to keep 50 years of Fords and all the make / model info straight all of the time. I think it was probably a mistake, or even a change in the way he filtered the data. Notice the date on the Q-code report is from 2004, while the R-code report is from 2010.

Really though, this is the sort of information that could be determined relatively easily by requesting (and paying for) some simple research. I’ve always wanted to request some of this obscure data, but there always seems to be something else to spend the money on. I have a hungry SCJ that requires care and feeding, LOL!

Joe V’s old '69 SCJ car

Best two out of three… So we are possibly very likely looking at 229 SCJ hardtops in '69.

Look at the dates of the Martis. I’d put more credence in the newer one.

So since we have 2004 and 2005 Marti for the Pfeiffer Blue SCJ, lets add the 2018 version of the Marti for the same car which lists 132 base hardtops with SCJ. All the posted Marti’s are for 4.30 cars. Be curious what 3.91 cars say. The difference between the total SCJ numbers makes me question the 25 C-6 / 4.30 rear end cars on the 2005 report for the blue car.
9F91Q575847_dlxrpt.pdf (200 KB)

Here’s what I have:

9F93R538911 is my former car., and the one in my signature.
It born a manual steering car.
The present owner must have ordered a fresh Marti Report. All of the paperwork, including window sticker, sales contract and owners manual were lost, prior to his taking possession.

9F93R555097, (blue sunroof) I am pretty sure is Jason S’s car from Phoenix. It should be a V code axle, and also had flow thru ventilation. This car’s Marti Report is the one that had 1 of 53 for drag pak, that I mentioned above.

Now, I know I’m not the best at math… but I’m not seeing consistant numbers that add up properly.

I have the same info as Diego posted at the top, with the Q & R code numbers for CJ & SCJ, but I’m always hesitant to trot them out because I can’t get any data from a Marti Report that lines up with any of the numbers. My understanding is that there were 79 SCJ Eliminators built in '69 (13 Q + 66 R). All of which would have been Dearborn cars.

At least one of the Marti Report for 9F93R555097 backs up the 33 XR-7 SCJ’s with 4-speed. So there is a consistant number there.