Looking for pin stripe help

My restored '68 cougar is under paint and almost ready to roll. I have dimensions for the original pin stripes and spacing and I am looking for the best way to apply. The shop suggests taping and covering the entire car, expensive. I was going to use 3M pinstripes but they quit making the dimensions I need about 6 months ago. I have heard of kits to use to mask and hand paint the stripes but I cannot find them either. suggestions would be welcome, please.

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The factory utilized a Beugler pin striping tool.

I hired a pin striper to do mine. I think it turned out pretty good. He charges $10 per minute. When it was done he asked me for $50. I gave him $100.

Pin stipes '68

Are you near St. Louis MO?

Thank you, I just looked at them and will order one if I can’t find asomeone in my area to do it for me.

Hi All,

Can someone provide the painted pin stripe spacing. I have seen it before but lost that spot. I am going to paint it on. 1968 XR-7.


Thanks, Rich

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On a Lime Frost '68 the pin stripes would have originally been black. The pin stripes in '68 measure .250" center to center. The stripes are about .063" wide. Click on the link in my post above to see them.

More info and reference pics here as well: Pinstripe size for 1968 Cougar